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Persian rugs like the oriental rugs are not only antique but are rare piece of art work. Each Persian rug carries the legacy of the weaver’s society and culture. A single Persian rug is sufficient enough to portray the skil, expertise and the heritage of a weaver.
These rugs are very expensive.
Though in yester day’s the Persian rugs have seen golden period of their life but with the passage of time this kind of handmade work is becoming extint.Since they are mostly handmade and comprises of high quality delicate fiber therefore utmost care must be taken while washing these kinds of rugs.

We at Z.M.’s Carpet and Hardwood Floor in maryland never recommend the use of harsh chemical and excessive heat on this kind of material. Since the fibers are extremely delicate therefore any kind of rough handling can spoil the look and appearance of these rugs. The unique feature of the Persian rugs is they are colorful. The weaver uses variety of colors to give a breathtaking finish.Thereofre while choosing the ingredients for washing the rugs one should be very careful.

Persian rug cleaning of maryland should always be done under the supervision of experienced professional. It is

advisable that you have these rugs washed only from the well known cleaning stores. An individual or an organization that is well trained and knowledgeable in Persian rug cleaning can alone perform this kind of work. They will ensure thorough cleaning under extreme care without altering the look, quality and appeal of the Persian rug cleaning maryland.

We at Z.M.’s Carpet and Hardwood Floor in maryland use the recommended sanitizers for Persian rug cleaning. We follow the standard process of rug cleaning. The Persian rug cleaning should be done with soaps whose PH value should not be more than 7.
We do not recommended direct sunlight for drying the Persian rugs.

Any kind of harmful chemicals and direct light not only affects the colors but also loosen the fibers which are so tightly entwined with each other. Improper handling may reduce the longitivity of the Persian Rug. Whereas proper care can lengthen the life span of the Persian rugs.

The Persian rug cleaning consists of three main processes. It begins with vacuum cleaning the dirt thoroughly with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Make sure to vacuum clean every inch of the carpet prior to washing. If requires use vacuum cleaner more than once. Once the dirt is removed the next step is washing.

We at Z.M.’s Carpet and Hardwood Floor maryland do not recommend bleach or acid based cleaning agents. We request you to visit us for cleaning these rugs. The final step is light combing of the piles with the help of hair brush. It is important to make sure that before laying the rug it is thoroughly dried with the vacuum cleaner.

Our Persian Area Rug Cleaning Maryland include:

  • Antique persian area rugs cleaning
  • Persian rug spot and stain removal
  • Specialty rugs repair – any type !!
  • Persian rug Pre-conditioning 
  • Persian rug Re-weaving
  • Persian Rug Custom-fit padding
  • Deodorizing free
  • Area rug vacuuming free
  • Area rug dry cleaning 3 days ready !!
  • Persian rug water damag repair and cleaning.

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– Re-fring
ing and re-padding services.