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Are you looking to installa a new hardwood floors in germantown maryland? are you looking to refinish wooden floors in germantown ? Z.M’s Carpet & Hardwood Floor in Germantown md , Have you ever wondered how you can escape the occasional house cleaning? Well, you can with Z.M’s Carpet & Hardwood Floor in Germantown md. We have been cleaning or refinishing wooden floor or install hardwood, for carpet cleaning, rug cleaning upholstery cleaning, wood floor cleaning, wood floor refinishing, wood floor installation in germantown md for years,  and we can definitely add warmth and value to your home or office by clean or install or refinishing hardwood floor or carpet.

Z.M.’s Carpet and Hardwood Floor of germentown offers you flooring care plan. ask us about wooden floor care in germantown maryland.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Germantown, Maryland –  Services

Experienced Carpet Cleaners

Carpet Cleaning Germantown, Maryland has done extensive research on how to serve people with only the best methods. Thus, we know what methods go with what materials; we know how to clean special fabrics, etc. That’s why when we go to our clients home for residential cleaning service; we first assess the items before we push through with cleaning it thoroughly.

Another thing we are proud of is our use of the latest cleaning machines. Although it sounds as if cleaning house items only use vacuum cleaners and other simple tools, it isn’t as easy as that. For example, our steam cleaning service uses an automatic cleaning tool, which helps with the difficult post-extraction step to finalize the cleaning.

Environment Friendly Cleaning

Aside from having modern equipments, we also use environment-friendly products so we wouldn’t harm the surroundings. These types of products are important in furniture cleaning, because chemicals could spread into the whole house. Sadly, there are toxic products which harm not only the surroundings, but the people inside the house as well.

Hardwood Floors Service Germantown, MD understands the need for cleanliness, and at the same time, safety. We also know that not everyone can afford to have someone come over and clean their houses all the time. That’s why we give free advices to homeowners, so they can maintain their own homes. One of the reasons why our clients stick with us is our honesty. We tell the truth, and never back out of a difficult project.